The Deepening Dark

The daylight hours are definitely shortening. I walk to work in the pre-dawn, the sky tinted deep blue, fading into pale yellow and a delicate rose pink as I get closer to the train.  A palm tree sighs, creeks and then erupts with a noisy green flock of parrots.  The hawks continue hunting the neighborhood … More The Deepening Dark

Alive, Alive-Oh

A family of hawks has moved into my neighborhood. On my morning walks I often find pigeon claws attached to long bones stripped of flesh.  The hawks hop about in their tree or swoop low over the neighborhood, hunting.  The pigeons crane their necks and take to the air in crazed circles. Several blocks over, … More Alive, Alive-Oh

The Broken Spring

In the strange miasma of death, illness and general unpleasantness that has pervaded my year so far, this blog has gotten cast aside. Too much turmoil has kinked my thoughts to such a degree that they’ve been impossible to untangle, even with a nice written word or two.  Earlier in the year, my neighborhood at … More The Broken Spring

Everything’s New

I continue to figure out my blog in the pleasant little backwater that is my corner of the internet. I’m hoping to be a more constant correspondent in the new year, even if I’m only writing letters to myself. It was an odd holiday season, mainly taken up with death and other crises. I’m hoping … More Everything’s New


The first rain of autumn arrived this morning, though it’s supposed to creep back into the 90’s later in the week. A fine mist settled on me as I walked to the train and the sidewalks were covered with kapok blooms.  The pigeons huddled together on the extended arms of the streetlights and ruffled their … More Falling

LA Autumn

Our neighborhood smells like guavas, which is apparently a sign of autumn in Los Angeles. The heady smell greets me as I leave the house and begin the long walk to the train.  Down the street there is a pomegranate tree covered with enormous red globes that look ready to split, persimmons are turning from … More LA Autumn