Everything’s New

I continue to figure out my blog in the pleasant little backwater that is my corner of the internet. I’m hoping to be a more constant correspondent in the new year, even if I’m only writing letters to myself.

It was an odd holiday season, mainly taken up with death and other crises. I’m hoping it was just the last awful gasp of what was certainly a difficult year.  In the meantime, I’ve managed to be fairly productive and at long last finished the Na Craga sweater I had been making for my brother.  After literally years of switching about with patterns, I settled on the one I had originally started with.  It turned out to be surprisingly easy to memorize and pleasant, to knit.  Perhaps there is a cable sweater for me down the road, though it’s nice to be back to non-cabled knitting.  I’m halfway through a lovely glove pattern (Bobbie by Laris Designs).  It’s a nice use for a couple of really beautiful skeins of Koigu that were waiting around for just the right project.

I’m also back to baking after a brief post-holiday hiatus.  Using a recipe from Linda Lomelino’s website, I made a saffron Bundt cake, though substituted dark for white chocolate in the icing.  I also baked a really delicious vanilla scented bread from the Scandilicious Baking Book.  I promise my next post will bring further recipes and better pictures.

In other news, there is actual rain this winter in Los Angeles and the LA River looks like an actual river. The water is full of strange detritus and coots frantically paddling against the current.

I’ve been dreaming of moving out of the current tiny house to someplace with a less diminutive kitchen and a garden that contains more than cactus plants and a landlord endlessly pulling up whatever weeds dare to sprout.  At least my Kit Marlowe rose continues to bloom.  I continue to try and stay focused and make this new year something special, something positive.



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