The Broken Spring

In the strange miasma of death, illness and general unpleasantness that has pervaded my year so far, this blog has gotten cast aside. Too much turmoil has kinked my thoughts to such a degree that they’ve been impossible to untangle, even with a nice written word or two.  Earlier in the year, my neighborhood at night was taken over by the scent of citrus blossoms, then replaced by the heady aromas of jasmine and Datura.  The days have become fiercely blue, the heat making the air waver.  The streets are littered with fallen lilac jacaranda flowers.

In the past several weeks the trash has been cleared from the river, which despite its concrete sides, looks as wild as it can. Goslings and ducklings paddle after their parents and the herons and egrets stalk about looking for unwary fish. I’m still feeling a bit off-kilter, but getting ready to rejoin society at large.  I’ve been reading a lot and baking a lot and will be sharing some of my adventures shortly.  In the meantime, I give you lovely jacaranda blooms against a blue sky.


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